PLAYLIST - 08/09/2005

EMISSÃO N. º 120

BRUCE DICKINSON - Tyranny Of Souls / Abduction
AT VANCE - Chained / Rise From The Fall
RUNNING WILD - Rogues En Vogue / Skeleton Dance
DEMONS & WIZARDS - Touched By The Crimson King / The Gunslinger
MAJESTIC VANGUARD (1) - Beyond The Moon / The Great Eternity
SENTENCED - Amok / New Age Messiah
EPICA - Consign To Oblivion / The Last Crusade
IMPERIA - The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh / Escape

ARCH ENEMY - Doomsday Machine / Taking Back My soul
CANDLEMASS - Candlemass / Black Dwarf
COMMUNIC - Conspiracy In Mind / Communication Sublime
DARKANE - Layers Of Lies / Secondary Effects
ALLEN * LANDE (4) - The Battle / My Own Way
ORATORY - Interludium / As One
ORATORY - Interludium / Eternal Flame
TRIBUZY - Execution / Forgotten Time
SUBWAY TO SALLY (2) - Nord Nord Ost / Feverland
SUBWAY TO SALLY (2) - Nord Nord Ost / S.O.S.
PASSAGE - Passage / A Death In Autumn
STRATOVARIUS (1) - Stratovarius / Fight

(1) Novidade (New) (2) Destaque (Prominence) (3) Recordação (Memory) (4) Álbum do Mês (Album of the Month)


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