PLAYLIST - 20/10/2005


HELLOWEEN - Master Of The Rings / Sole Survivor (1994)
EVIL MASQUERADE - Theatrical Madness / Bozo The Clown (2005)
ARCTURUS - Sideshow Symphonies / Hibernation Sickness Complete (2005)
THE STORYTELLER - Underworld / Eyes Of The Dead (2005)
AFTER ALL (1) - The Vermin Breed / Forgotten (2005)
THERION - Vovin / The Wild Hunt (1998)
MY INSANITY - Scattered Soul Puzzle / Champagne For Me (2005)
ARCH ENEMY - Doomsday Machine / Nemesis (2005)

SENTENCED – The Funeral Album / Lower The Flags
DARKANE – Layers Of Lies / Layers Of Lies
DEMONS & WIZARDS – Touched By The Crimson King / Terror Train
RICHARD ANDERSSON – The Ultimate Andersson Collection / Confusicus
GOTTHARD – Lipservice / Anytime Anywhere
CATHEDRAL – The Garden Of Unearthly Delights / Corpsecycle
GOREFEST (1) – La Muerte / Exorcism
AMORPHIS – Tuonela / Morning Star
ROYAL HUNT (2) – Paper Blood / Paper Blood
ROYAL HUNT (2) – Paper Blood / Season’s Change
NIGHTMARE (1) – The Dominion Gate / The Dressmaker
DIMMU BORGIR – Stromblast / Sorgens Kammer-Dei II


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