terça-feira, 22 de março de 2005

PLAYLIST - 20/03/2005


FAITHFULL - Light This City / Light This City
GREENHOUZE - Greenhouze / The Point
UNCHAIN - Unchain / Can Stay In Hell
JOE BONAMASSA (1) - A New Day Yesterday-Live / Steppin Out/Rice Pudding
KAMELOT - The Black Halo / The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
ARENA - Pepper's Ghost / Smoke And Mirrors
CIRCLE II CIRCLE (1) - The Middle Of Nowhere / In This Life
JUDAS PRIEST (4) - Angel Of Retribution / Judas Rising
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Suicide Messiah (single) / Suicide Messiah
EXTOL - Blueprint / Pearl
SUPREME MAJESTY - Elements Of Creation / My Revenge
BEYOND TWILIGHT - Section X / The Dark Side

PITCH BLACK - Under The Ground / No Justice…No Peace…
EVERGREY - A Night To Remember-Live / End Of Yours Days
MEGADETH (3) - Rust In Peace / Holy…The Punishment Due
MEGADETH (3) - Rust In Peace / Lucretia
RECKLESS TIDE - Repent Or Seal Your Fate / Repent Or Seal Your Fate
HAMMERFALL - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken / Fury Of The Wild
FREEDOM CALL (1) - The Circle Of Life / The Rhythm Of Life
THE STORYTELLER - Crossroad / The Eye Of The Storm
LANFEAR - Another Golden Rage / Shades Of Black
SABATON (1) - Primo Victoria / Counterstrike
ARCH ENEMY - Dead Eyes See No Future / Burning Angel

MIDNATTSOL - Where Twilight Dwells / Haunted
MAHAVATAR - Go With The No! / Cult
RAMP (1) - Planet Earth (E.P.) / Anjinho Da Guarda
CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine / Coffin Fodder
MOONSPELL - The Antidote / In and Above Men
COMMUNIC (2) - Conspiracy In Mind / Conspiracy In Mind
COMMUNIC (2) - Conspiracy In Mind / Ocean Bed
WOLVERINE (1) - The Window Purpose / Towards Loss
CRIONICS - Armageddon's Evolution / Final Inversion
NEUROTIC - The Rebirth Of Sin / Divine Burning Of Souls

(1) Novidade / New (2) Destaque / Outstanding (3) Recordação / Memory (4) Álbum do Mês / Album of the Month

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