PLAYLIST - 07/07/2005

EMISSÃO N. º 107

BRAINSTORM - Liquid Monster / Inside The Monster
CIECLE II CIRCLE - The Middle Of Nowhere / All That Remains
SANDALINAS - Living On The Edge / Living On The Edge
HEARTBREAK RADIO - Heartbreak Radio / Hard Rock City
GOTTHARD - Lipservice / Stay For The Night
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Trashed, Lost & Strung Out / Trashed, Lost & Strung Out
FALL OF SEASON - Decades In A Bleeding World / Agony Of A Broken Boy

JAMES LABRIE - Elements Of Persuasion / Crucify
3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Advance And Vanquish / Deadly Sinners
WITH PASSION - In The Midst Of Bloodied Soul / Darkness Doth Bring Mortality
DEMONS & WIZARDS - Touched By The Crimson King / Beneath These Waves
MYSTIC PROPHECY - Regressus / Calling From Hell
SHAMAN - Reason / Turn Away
DEAD SOUL TRIBE - A Murder Of Crows / Feed pt 1: Stone By Stone
REDEMPTION (1) - The Fullness Of Time / Threads
BRUCE DICKINSON (2) - Tyranny Of Souls / Abduction
BRUCE DICKINSON (2) - Tyranny Of Souls / Devil On A Hog
DEW SCENTED - Issue VI / Never Return
ALICE COOPER - Trash / I'm Your Gun

(1) Novidade / New (2) Destaque / Outstanding (3) Recordação / Memory (4) Álbum do Mês / Album of the Month


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