PLAYLIST - 15/09/2005

EMISSÃO N. º 122

GLENN HUGHES - Songs In The Key Of Rock / In My Blood
BRAND NEW SIN - Recipe For Disaster / Black And Blue
CIRCLE II CIRCLE - The Middle Of Nowhere / All That Remains
MAGESTIC VANGUARD - Beyond The Moon / The Great Eternity
PHILIP BARDOWELL - In The Cut / In The Cut
LANFEAR - Another Golden Rage / Dispraise
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Nord Nord Est / Sieben
SCUM - Protest Life / Protest Life

TANKARD - Beast Of Bourbon / Endless Pleasure
GRAVEWORM - (N)untopia / Timeless
SAVAGE CIRCUS - Dreamland Manor / Evil Eyes
ARCH ENEMY - Doomsday Machine / Slaves Of Yesterday
ALLEN-LANDE (4) - The Battle / Universe Of Light
SENTENCED - The Funeral Album / May Today Become The Day
ORATORY - Interludium / Free Of Secrets
STRATOVARIUS (2) - Stratovarius / Gypsy In Me
STRATOVARIUS (2) - Stratovarius / Götterdämmerung (Zenith Of Power)
CULT OF LUNA - Salvation / Leave Me Here

(1) Novidade (New) (2) Destaque (Prominence) (3) Recordação (Memory) (4) Álbum do Mês (Album of the Month)


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