PLAYLIST - 30/10/2005

EMISSÃO N. º 133

SKID ROW - Slave To The Grind / Psycho Love (1991)
SAVAGE CIRCUS - Dreamland Manor / Between The Devil And The Seas… (2005)
HELLFUELED - Born II Rock / Angel (2005)
BRUCE TURGON (1) - Outside Looking In / Living A Lie (2005)
CHALICE - Shotgun Alley / Hollywood Daze (2005)
GOREFEST - La Muerte / For The Masses (2005)
HIGLAND GLORY - Forever Endeavour / Real Life (2005)
BURST - Origo / Where The Wave Brake (2005)
WIDOW (1) - On Fire / Dead End (2005)
SUBWAY TO SALLY - Nord Nord Ost / Sieben (2005)
GOTTHARD - Lipservice / All We Are (2005)
GOTTHARD - Lipservice / Lift 'U' Up (2005)
THE BRONX CASKET CO. (1) - Hellectric / Little Dead Girl (2005)
KORPIKLANNI - Voice Of Wilderness / Journey Man (2005)

STEELHEART - Tangled In Reins / Steelheart (1992)
NOCTURNAL RITES - Grand Illusion / Still Alive (2005)
HAMLET (1) - Syberia / Para Toda Uma Vida (2005)
MAJESTIC VANGUARD - Beyond The Moon / The Great Eternity (2005)
FREEDOM CALL - The Circle Of Life / Kings And Queens (2005)
EDGUY (1) - Superheroes / Spooks In The Attic (2005)
TRIBUZY - Execution / Beast In The Light (2005)
GAMMA RAY (2/4) - Majestic / My Temple (2005)
GAMMA RAY (2/4) - Majestic / Spiritual Dictator (2005)
NIGHTMARE - The Dominion Gate / Secret Rules (2005)
CHILDREN OF BODOM (1) - Are You Dead Yet? / Are You Dead Yet? (2005)

CENTINEX - World Declension / Victorious Dawn Rising (2005)
EXODUS (1) - Shovel Headed Kill Machine / Karma's Messenger (2005)
PRIMAL FEAR - Seven Seals / Evil Spell (2005)
DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblast / Dodsferd (2005)
HELLOWEEN (1) - Mrs. God / Mrs. God (2005)
DIVINE FIRE - Hero / Open Your Eyes (2005)
EPICA - Consign To Oblivion / The Last Crusade (2005)
EPICA - We Will Take You With Us / Cry For The Moon (2005)
OPETH (1) - Ghost Reveries / Beneath The Mire (2005)
DEW SCENTED - Issue IV / Turn To Ash (2005)
SOILWORK - Stabbing The Drama / Blind Halo (2005)
DARK FUNERAL (1) - Attera Tottus Sanctus / King Antichrist (2005)

1- Novidade (New) 2- Destaque (Prominence) 3- Recordação (Memory) 4-Álbum do Mês (Album of the Month)


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